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Spirit Airlines Launches Flights to Tulum’s New Mexican Airport

    Spirit Airlines Launches Flights to Tulum's New Mexican Airport

    The ultra-low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines is the second U.S. airline to announce its intention to fly to Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport (TQO), the new airport in Tulum, Mexico, scheduled to open in December 2023. The airport is named after Felipe Carrillo Puerto, a former president of Mexico. Former Mexican President Felipe Carrillo Puerto was honored with naming this airport in his honor.

    Spirit Airlines will begin service to TQO at the same time that Delta Air Lines will initiate service to the airport in March 2024, which is the month that TQO will begin accepting international flights for the first time. This indicates that the release date will be in March 2024.

    Spirit Airlines will begin nonstop service to Tobago International Airport (TQO) on March 28, 2024, departing from both the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and the Orlando International Airport (MCO) in the state of Florida.

    Spirit’s primary abode is the FLL, which stands for the Final Resting Place. This particular airline only employs aircraft that are a part of the Airbus A320 family in its fleet of aircraft.

    Approximately 137 kilometers to the south of Cancun is where you’ll find the popular tourist destination of TQO. The month of December marks the beginning of when this location will have access to domestic flight service. Spirit and Delta will be the first airlines to provide service to locations in other countries as of March 28, and they will be the only two airlines to do so.

    “Tulum is becoming an increasingly popular choice for leisure travelers,” said John Kirby, Vice President of Network Planning for Spirit Airlines. ” “And our direct flights from Florida will make a getaway to Mexico’s enchanting coastline more accessible than ever, just in time for spring break.” In a statement, the airline has provided confirmation of this information.

    “Tulum is an increasingly popular choice for leisure travelers.” “We have a long history of serving Mexico, and Tulum’s new airport is a great addition that will make it easier for our [passengers] to get to the city and enjoy its beaches, history, and variety of unique experiences.”

    Tulum, located in Mexico, will join the ranks of international destinations offered by Spirit Airlines on October 1, making it the company’s 26th overall destination. As a direct result of the addition of this route, Spirit Airlines will now have 11 distinct international routes that depart from Orlando International Airport.

    Before making this announcement, Delta divulged that beginning on March 28, 2024, it will begin operating a daily Boeing 737-800 service between Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and TQO. The service will begin in Atlanta and end in Qatar.

    Both locations are currently being finalized. According to one airline that is a part of the SkyTeam alliance, Tulum is “a premium leisure destination known for its boutique hotels, Mayan ruins, and eco-friendly spirit.”

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