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Southwest Introduces Flights to Hawaii Starting at $49 One Way

    Southwest Introduces Flights to Hawaii Starting at $49 One Way

    If Southwest Airlines were to introduce additional routes to Hawaii, we knew this would result in lower pricing; however, we needed to be made aware of how everyday those prices would be. Southwest is celebrating the fact that it has received certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to begin flying across the Pacific by giving one-way tickets from Oakland and San Jose to Honolulu and Maui for the price of $49 each.

    The rates are the same in both directions, meaning you might take a journey to Hawaii for less than one hundred dollars. Southwest’s very cheap fares are introductory, and they will only be available until the airline reaches capacity. The commencement of flights between Oakland and Honolulu on March 17 suggests that a trip to Hawaii over spring break may be a good option for those who are looking for a last-minute escape.

    Although the flights are exclusively non-stop from California, this does not imply that other places in the United States cannot take advantage of this exclusive route bargain. From Seattle, round-trip flights to Honolulu begin at $174, including a stop in Oakland on both outbound and return flights.

    Flights from Dallas to Maui, which will cost you only $264 round-trip, and flights from Phoenix to Honolulu, which will cost you as little as $263 round-trip, both have the same stopover. And these flights are priced far lower than the average market rate: The next cheapest ticket on Google Flights from Oakland to Honolulu is more than $500 on Hawaiian, and it does not include any checked baggage. This is in contrast to Southwest, which provides two free checked bags.

    However, what will the pricing of flights be like once customers have purchased Southwest’s promotional deals? The cost of flying to Hawaii is more than operating inside the mainland United States, according to Matthew Ma, co-founder of the famous ticket bargain website The Flight Deal, who told Cynthia Drescher, a writer to Traveler, last week. “We are excited that fares around $300 will be more frequent, but we don’t think the floor is much lower than that,” added the executive.

    You should check out our guide to Honolulu to help you plan your vacation if you take advantage of these low-cost flights. It includes information on the most hip shops, the most incredible surfing, and all the must-see spots in Chinatown. On the island of Maui, if you want to locate the freshest ahi poke cones, you should follow the advice of a local and go through our recommendations for the most incredible beaches on the island. Are you concerned about the resort? Our readers cast their votes to determine which alternatives they believe are the best in the state.

    Due to the fact that Southwest’s rates are not included on Google Flights, you will be need to go directly to their website to buy your ticket. Make use of the low-fare calendar in order to locate and evaluate the most affordable rates. It is important to note that not all flights will begin on March 17; the only flight that will depart from Oakland is to Honolulu.

    Flights from Oakland to Maui commence on April 7, flights from San Jose to Honolulu on May 5, and flights from San Jose to Maui also begin on May 5. Therefore, experiment with the calendar, the locations, and the departures to see what is accessible during the time that you wish to visit.

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