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Over 100 flights on Spirit Airlines Have Been Canceled

    Over 100 flights on Spirit Airlines Have Been Canceled

    In most cases, these occurrences are related to the state of the weather. Not right now.

    On Friday, Spirit Airlines was forced to ground 25 planes and cancel hundreds of flights because of an issue with inspecting the impacted aircraft. As a result of this difficulty, the airline was forced to cancel hundreds of flights.

    According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the aircraft were temporarily removed from operation so that the brackets on the frames could be examined on a more frequent basis.

    After the agency has finished analyzing all of the aircraft’ components, Spirit won’t be allowed to use those planes for any of its operations again. As a matter of fact, Spirit was forced to cancel 11% of the total number of flights it had scheduled for Friday.

    People said that the examinations were standard procedure and essential.

    In a statement, Spirit Airlines stated, “We’ve canceled some of our scheduled flights so that we can do a necessary inspection of a small section of 25 of our aircraft.” Because of this, it is likely that our network may be affected for the next several days as we do the necessary inspections and work toward restoring things to their usual state.

    A little less than half of the flights that were canceled were scheduled to take off from one of Spirit’s bases at Orlando International Airport in Florida.

    According to the website, which monitors flight information, Spirit Airlines postponed or canceled a total of 89 flights on Saturday. As of Sunday afternoon, there were a total of 75 canceled flights and 73 that were operating behind schedule.

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