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Costco Customers Report Stomach Issues Linked to Rotisserie Chicken Consumption

    Costco Customers Report Stomach Issues Linked to Rotisserie Chicken Consumption

    In recent weeks, a concerning trend has emerged among Costco customers, with several reports of stomach issues arising after consuming the popular rotisserie chicken sold at the retail giant’s stores.

    While Costco has long been praised for its quality and value, these incidents have raised questions about the safety and preparation of one of their most beloved products.

    The Rotisserie Chicken Phenomenon

    Costco’s rotisserie chicken has become an iconic item, known for its affordability, generous portions, and flavorful seasoning. Millions of customers regularly purchase these succulent birds, making it a staple in many households.

    However, a growing number of consumers have recently taken to social media platforms to share their experiences of stomach discomfort, nausea, and, in some cases, food poisoning symptoms shortly after consuming the popular poultry.

    Social Media Outcry

    The power of social media has allowed customers to voice their concerns and share their experiences with a broader audience.

    Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms are flooded with posts from Costco patrons detailing their encounters with stomach issues allegedly linked to the consumption of rotisserie chicken.

    Many customers are expressing their disappointment and concern, prompting a wave of responses from others who have experienced similar problems.

    Costco’s Response

    In light of the increasing number of complaints, Costco has issued a statement acknowledging the reports and expressing their commitment to customer safety.

    The company has stated that they take all complaints seriously and are actively investigating the matter. Preliminary inspections of their food safety protocols and cooking processes are underway to identify any potential issues that may have contributed to the reported incidents.

    Food Safety Measures

    Costco has a strong reputation for upholding rigorous food safety standards, and their commitment to quality assurance is well-known. The company has reassured customers that they are working closely with health authorities to conduct a thorough investigation.

    It is important to note that at this point, no specific cause has been identified, and it remains uncertain whether the reported cases are linked to a common source.

    Consumer Tips

    As investigations are ongoing, customers are advised to exercise caution when consuming rotisserie chicken from Costco.

    In the meantime, it is recommended to follow safe food handling practices, such as ensuring the chicken is cooked thoroughly, storing it at the appropriate temperature, and consuming it within the recommended timeframe.


    The recent surge in reports of stomach issues among Costco customers highlights the potential risks associated with the consumption of rotisserie chicken.

    While investigations are underway, it serves as a reminder for consumers to stay vigilant about food safety and for retailers to continually reassess and improve their processes to maintain the trust of their customers.

    As more information becomes available, it is crucial for both Costco and the public to prioritize transparency and open communication to ensure the safety of all consumers.

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