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Baskin-Robbins Thanksgiving Feast Inspired a New Taste

    Baskin-Robbins Thanksgiving Feast Inspired a New Taste

    No matter the season, we are always in the mood for ice cream. When the temperatures drop throughout the winter, it is just as delightful as it is during the summer months, when it is often the hottest time of year. And it doesn’t hurt when some ice cream companies, like our number one favorite Baskin-Robbins, provide a wide variety of one-of-a-kind flavors inspired by the particular season they are in. It excites us to watch what they come up with from one month to the next.

    In October, Baskin-Robbins was all about providing its consumers with the taste of Apple Cider Donut. In November, the company is still feeling the autumn vibes with a particular sweetness inspired by Thanksgiving and will cause you to reconsider the turkey trimmings you usually use.

    On Thanksgiving, we are all aware that the turkey is the most crucial dish served at the dinner table; yet, we cannot ignore the delectable sides served. Baskin-Robbins couldn’t be more in agreement, as shown by their most recent flavor of the month is “Turkey Day Fixins.”

    This new taste combines all of our favorite traditional Thanksgiving side dishes packed into one great meal. To offer you a warm and soothing flavor that you never knew ice cream could deliver, you will receive sweet potato blended with an autumn spice ice cream, honey cornbread bits, and cranberry sauce swirled in there.

    As we said earlier, turkey is a significant competitor on Thanksgiving (it is not called “Turkey Day” for nothing), and this ice cream business continues to show that it recognizes the value of the bird by bringing back the renowned Turkey Cake. The cake is designed to seem like a real roasted turkey, but rather than being packed with the typical ingredients of garlic, onion, or lemon, this fowl is filled with the ice cream of your choice.

    Additionally, the Turkey Cake is covered with a caramel praline frosting, which complements its sugar cone legs and gives it the appearance of having just come out of the oven before being served.

    Additionally, we are just some of the ones who are on board with this scrumptious take on the traditional Thanksgiving meal. The reality television stars Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour will hold their first Friendsgiving meal as newlyweds in collaboration with Baskin-Robbins. During this event, they want to highlight the Turkey Cake and Turkey Day Fixin’s as the holiday desserts that they cannot live without.

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