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7 Travel Experts’ Southwest Boarding Tips

    7 Travel Experts' Southwest Boarding Tips

    Navigating the boarding process can make or break the start of any journey, and when it comes to Southwest Airlines, their unique open seating policy adds an extra layer of strategy.

    To make your Southwest experience smoother, we’ve gathered insights from seven seasoned travel experts who share their top tips for optimizing your boarding process.

    1. Arrive Early, Check-In ASAP

    According to travel expert Rachel, arriving early at the airport is key. “Southwest’s boarding is based on check-in time, so the earlier you check in, the better your boarding position. Check in exactly 24 hours before your flight to secure a good spot.”

    2. Utilize EarlyBird Check-In

    “Consider purchasing the EarlyBird Check-In,” suggests David, a frequent Southwest flyer. “It automatically checks you in and can improve your boarding position. It’s especially useful if you forget to check in manually.”

    3. Seat Selection Strategy

    “Choose the seats wisely,” advises Sarah, a travel blogger. “Aim for the first few rows for quicker exit upon arrival. Also, consider the emergency exit rows for extra legroom, but be prepared to assist in case of an emergency.”

    4. Gate Position Matters

    “Keep an eye on the gate position,” recommends John, a travel consultant. “If you’re among the last to board, opt for seats closer to the back. Southwest fills the plane from front to back, so sitting at the rear can offer more open seating options.”

    5. Consider Family Boarding

    “For families traveling together, take advantage of Family Boarding,” suggests Emily, a travel agent. “Families with children six years old or younger can board after the ‘A’ group, allowing for more seat options together.”

    6. Be Strategic During Connection Flights

    “During connecting flights, plan your layover duration wisely,” says Mark, a frequent business traveler. “If you have a tight connection, ensure you check in early for the second leg to secure a good boarding position.”

    7. Flexibility and Courtesy Go a Long Way

    “Flexibility is key with Southwest,” emphasizes Lisa, a travel enthusiast. “If you’re not too particular about seat selection or if you’re traveling alone, relax and let the boarding process unfold. Also, be courteous to fellow passengers, as it can create a positive boarding experience for everyone.”


    Mastering the art of boarding with Southwest Airlines involves a blend of preparation, strategy, and flexibility. Arriving early, checking in on time, strategically selecting seats, and understanding the boarding process can significantly enhance your journey. Additionally, utilizing options like EarlyBird Check-In and Family Boarding can further optimize your experience.

    Remember, each traveler’s priorities might differ, so adapting these tips to suit your preferences and situation is key. Whether you’re a solo explorer, a family on an adventure, or a frequent flyer on a business trip, employing these strategies can streamline your Southwest boarding process, setting the tone for a smoother, more enjoyable travel experience.

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