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You Can Get A Free Big Mac at McDonald’s Next Week

    As part of the month-long promotion, McDonald’s has been offering discounts and a chance to win free food for life. Next week, though, their most famous burger will be available for free. During the week of December 19th through the 21st, you can purchase one Big Mac and receive a complimentary second one.

    Ever since its 1967 introduction, the iconic McDonald’s Big Mac has been a beloved fast food meal. On a sesame seed bun, you’ll find a unique sauce, two all-beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions.

    The Big Mac’s signature sauce is one of the menu items that customers look forward to when they order fast food burgers. Ingredients for this sour sauce include mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, mustard, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, and white wine vinegar. Despite numerous home attempts, the secret formula for the special sauce remains a mystery.

    The Big Mac Is Still a Controversial Icon

    In the fast food industry, the Big Mac has become a symbol of culture. The Big Mac has been in countless musical compositions, films, and television shows; it was also the focus of a successful advertising campaign that urged viewers to “Ask for a Big Mac by name.”

    The Big Mac has been both a hit and a miss, despite its widespread consumption. The sandwich has its detractors who point out its high fat and calorie content, while its proponents say it’s a great option for busy people who still want something tasty. The Big Mac, for better or worse, is still a McDonald’s menu mainstay and a much-loved fast food item all across the globe.

    The Big Mac has been offered in a number of variants by McDonald’s throughout the years. Some of these include the classic, smaller Big Mac, the Big Mac Jr., and the Grand Mac, with larger patties and buns. Vegetarian and plant-based alternatives are also accessible at certain stores.

    There Have Been Previous Big Mac Ad Campaigns

    The Big Mac has been promoted to customers by McDonald’s through a number of advertising initiatives. Advertisements for Big Macs that are sure to stick in your mind include:

    “Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.” There has never been a Big Mac slogan more renowned than this one. It has been in use in varying variants since its introduction in the 1970s.
    “Big Mac Attack.” In the 1980s, this phrase was used to market the Big Mac as a delicious and irresistible fast food choice.
    “The Big Mac Index.” The “Big Mac Index,” first published in 1986 by The Economist magazine, is a humorous economic statistic that uses the price of Big Macs in various nations as a proxy for the buying power of those currencies. Several advertisements have made use of this index throughout the years.
    “I’m Lovin’ It.” Ads for the Big Mac and other McDonald’s products have made heavy use of this phrase since its introduction in 2003.
    “The Big Mac: A World Icon.” Recent advertising initiatives by McDonald’s have highlighted the Big Mac’s enormous popularity around the world, promoting the sandwich as a worldwide brand and cultural icon.

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