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Wawa Just Reintroduced a Cult-Favorite Item That Fans Have Been Waiting For All Year

    Wawa Just Reintroduced a Cult-Favorite Item That Fans Have Been Waiting For All Year

    There are only a few weeks left until Thanksgiving, so we are getting close to one of the food holidays I enjoy the most—the day after. At this time, the Thanksgiving leftovers are brought out, and they are used to make a variety of mouthwatering dishes, such as a Thanksgiving sandwich, which consists of leftover turkey, stuffing, jellied cranberry sauce, and mayonnaise on toast.

    That is how I put together a sandwich for Thanksgiving. However, the specific components may vary from individual to individual. Some individuals include mashed potatoes in the overall recipe. Some people put in some gravy. If leftovers from Thanksgiving are included, the sandwich can be considered a Thanksgiving sandwich.

    Convenience store chain Wawa, which operates over 1,000 stores along the East Coast, wants its customers to be able to hold out after Thanksgiving to taste the sandwich’s unique flavor combination.

    At least one month in advance of Thanksgiving, Wawa introduced the Gobbler Hoagie as the chain’s take on the traditional Thanksgiving sandwich. Now, you can find it (along with a few variants) at Wawa once again. The fact that fans will be able to get a taste of the holiday several weeks early has generated a lot of excitement among them.

    When Mandy from the account eatdrinkandbemandy on Instagram posted a video with her Gobbler bowl and commented, “It’s a true love affair,” her followers understood how she was feeling. She referred to it in the video as “one of my favorite things in the whole entire world.”

    The Gobbler was dubbed “the best seasonal goodie” in one comment. “The best seasonal goodie!” Another individual appeared to be making immediate plans to visit Wawa, and they exclaimed, “Omg yes!!!!!” When I last tried to get this two weeks ago, I was unsuccessful!!!

    In the video, the Gobber sandwich was not a hoagie. It was presented in a bowl with a layer of stuffing on the bottom, and then layers of roasted turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce on top. Both the bowl and the hoagie are, just like any good Thanksgiving sandwich should be, adaptable to your preferences.

    Mandy was also aware of the correct manner in which to consume it. Before taking a bite, she ensured that her fork contained a small amount of each ingredient. When they are arranged like that on my Thanksgiving plate, I consume each component in this manner. I try to get a taste of everything on my fork because the combination of flavors is so exciting!

    The Gobbler Hoagie is comparable to the Thanksgiving sandwich I make for myself because it is served on a hoagie roll and stuffed with hot turkey, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. The hoagie has two distinct iterations: the Gobbler Hoagie with Mashed Potatoes and the Gobbler Hoagie with Sweet Potatoes. Both of these versions are delicious.

    If you search Instagram, you will find other Gobbler posts and the configurations the app’s users enjoy using. The most beautiful time of the year has come. It’s the return of the #wawagobbler, baby! I prefer the cold version with some of their hot honey, as stated in the comment section of inluvwithluv475.

    Or, if you are in the neighborhood of a Wawa and can’t stand the thought of having to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy its delectable flavors, you can stop by and pick up a Gobbler in whichever manner brings the most joy to your soul.

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