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Keebler Has Just Released Its First-Of-Its-Kind Pie Crust

    Keebler Has Just Released Its First-Of-Its-Kind Pie Crust

    There is only one thing that can be deduced from the fact that Thanksgiving is drawing near: it is officially pie season! It’s the perfect time of year to stuff your pie hole with a variety of pies, ranging from pumpkin to pecan to apple and everything in between. We are always looking for helpful hints and pointers that will elevate the quality of our pies from “passable” to “professional,” regardless of whether we procure them from the neighborhood supermarket or bake them ourselves.

    We are in luck because Keebler, the company that brought you those adorable elves and nostalgic cookies, is releasing a new kind of prepared pie crust you have never seen before in the stores. Get ready to enter the heaven of sweet and salty pies.

    We are here to formally nominate “salty,” also known as sweet and salty, as the flavor trend of the year (and really all the time). “Swicy” (sweet and spicy) may be having a moment, but we are here to nominate “swalty formally.” This year, sweet and salty treats of all kinds have taken over social media, from Fruckies to potato chip rice crispy treats and everything in between.

    Keebler and its diligent elves are getting in on the waltz fun by expanding the line of ready-to-eat pie crusts to go where no store-bought crust has gone before the salty side. This is a first for the pie crust industry. Now available from Keebler is a pretzel pie crust in addition to their traditional graham cracker, shortbread, chocolate, and Grasshopper (chocolate-mint) pie crusts.

    The pretzel pie crust is versatile enough to be utilized in either baked or unbaked pies. We can already imagine how perfectly this would go with a chocolate-peanut butter pie filling or an apple caramel pie. These two pies sound like they would be a match made in heaven. Since we already enjoy using soda crackers instead of graham crackers when making citrus pies, switching to a pretzel pie crust for lemon meringue or key lime pie is an obvious choice.

    It would also be ideal for making a transportable pie version of our much-loved strawberry pretzel salad.
    But hold on there—Keebler has more than just that one new product in store for the holiday season.

    Keebler is releasing a limited-edition version of its classic Fudge Stripes cookies in order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the release of the classic Christmas film “Elf.” Gingerbread cookies form the base of the delectable Gingerbread Fudge Stripes, featuring a white fudge dip and drizzle.

    And, of course, they are packaged in a one-of-a-kind “Elf” box and come in one of four merry designs, each of which is based on a different fan-favorite scene from the movie. You can purchase the “Elf” Limited-Edition Gingerbread Fudge Strips and Pretzel Pie Crusts online and in stores across the country that sell Keebler products, as they are both part of the “Elf” collection.

    These are just one of many treats based on the movie “Elf” that will be available at grocery stores this winter. The upcoming holiday season will likely be one in which there will be enough room on the nice list for everyone.

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