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How do I find someone’s Birthday online?

    How do I find someone's Birthday online?

    No one desires to strain a relationship, whether professional or personal. And the best way to maintain a healthy relationship is to send birthday greetings on time.

    In addition to birthday greetings, you can congratulate your loved ones numerous times. This article describes how to locate someone’s Birthday online so you can send them a birthday greeting.

    Why Find Someone’s Birthday Online?

    You may seek online for someone’s Birthday for various reasons. Perhaps you’ve forgotten a close friend’s Birthday, or they have concealed it from their social media profiles.

    Online tools are always available if you want to avoid ignoring a loved one’s Birthday. You can discover a person’s Birthday and send them birthday greetings. It will positively influence your relationship.

    How do I Find Someone’s Birthday Online?

    There are multiple online methods for locating a person’s Birthday. Below, we list the most effective online ways to discover a person’s Birthday. Let’s get going.

    Discover a person’s Birthday through social networking sites.
    Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook make it simple to discover the birthdays of cherished ones. And social profiles frequently display birthdays so you can take advantage of them.

    Since social networking sites require date of birth information for account creation, you will discover your loved one’s Birthday on these sites.

    However, the disadvantage of relying on social media sites is that it is impossible to discover a person’s date of birth if they have modified their profile’s privacy settings to conceal it. Below, we use Facebook to demonstrate how to find someone’s Birthday using social media platforms.

    1. Open a browser of your choice and navigate to Next, log in using your credentials.
    2. Select the View All button on the left sidebar when the page loads.
    3. Under Social, select the Events link.
    4. In the sidebar on the left, select Birthdays.
    5. You can now view the birthdays of all of your Facebook friends.

    That is all! It is how birthdays can find on social networking platforms. On Instagram, you must visit the profile of the individual whose Birthday you wish to know. You can find the Birthday in the Bio section.

    How to find someone’s Birthday on Google?

    If the person whose Birthday you want to find is tech-savvy, has a presence in the tech industry, or has a personal website, you can use Google Search.

    However, Google Search will not display the Birthday if the individual has made it private on social media or other platforms. A Google search can reveal the date of birth of famous individuals or celebrities.

    1. Open a browser of your choice, such as Google Chrome.
    2. Open and enter the individual’s name and Birthday into the search bar.
    3. You can alter the search term if Google fails to retrieve the Birthday. After the Birthday, you can include additional information about the individual, such as the city name, college name, business name, work location, etc.
    4. If the person of interest is a celebrity, you can enter their name followed by Birthday. Google search will display a highlighted excerpt containing the Birthday of the individual you’ve searched for.

    How to find someone’s Birthday by email?

    You have multiple options if you have someone’s email address and wish to determine their genuine Birthday. The first step is to add the person’s email address to your address book and retrieve their Birthday using the Google Calendar app. You can also utilize third-party websites that retrieve information from an email address. Here’s how to determine an email recipient’s Birthday.

    1. Start by adding the person’s email address to your address book. Add a new contact to your phone, including your name, phone number, and email address.
    2. Download and set up the Google Calendar app on your device after adding it.
    3. Launch Google Calendar and sign in using your Google Account credentials. Sign in using the same account you used on your mobile device.
    4. Tap the Hamburger Menu in the screen’s upper-left corner.
    5. Next, select Settings.
    6. Drop to the bottom on the Settings screen and tap Birthdays.
    7. On the Birthdays page, activate the Contacts checkbox

    Now dismiss and reopen the Google Calendar app. It will refresh the Google Calendar app on your phone, and the Birthday of the saved contact will be displayed.

    How to find someone’s birthday public records?

    Numerous users are curious about how to discover someone’s Birthday using public records. Public records are online databases containing birth, marriage, divorce, court, criminal, and tax records.

    This record frequently contains the Birthday. They can use as free birthday search tools or services. Some websites, such as, FamilySearch, VitalRec, and BeenVerified, provide access to historical records.

    The issue is that there currently need to be complimentary background check services available. You will require more reliable data even if you locate a free one. Register on public records websites and search for the individual whose Birthday you wish to learn.

    How to find someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp?

    There is NO method to view a WhatsApp user’s Birthday. WhatsApp does not require you to input your Birthday during the account creation process.

    Therefore, the likelihood of discovering someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp reduce. However, if you can only locate a person on WhatsApp, you can do the following to determine their Birthday.

    • Examine their WhatsApp status. The individual celebrating a birthday will likely post a status update containing birthday-related content.
    • You can ask your mutual acquaintances if they know the Birthday of the person you’re interested in by sending them a message.
    • Check the About section of the individual whose Birthday you wish to learn about. Occasionally, users include their birthdate in their profile.
    • You can examine their social media accounts.
    • You can ask them if communicating is harmless and will not negatively affect your relationship.

    How to find someone’s Birthday on Snapchat?

    Currently, Snapchat is a social center for millions of users. While most of the platform’s users are young adults, you can still register to determine the target’s Birthday.

    If the designated person uses Snapchat, it is simple to determine their Birthday. We have published a comprehensive guide on how to locate birthdays on Snapchat.

    Consult this article to learn how to use Snapchat as a birthday finder program. Alternatively, You can use other birthday finder applications on your Android or iOS device.

    Therefore, these are some of the finest online methods for locating a person’s Birthday. We’ve discussed various online and app-based ways to find birthdays. Please let us know in the comments section if you know other methods for locating someone’s Birthday.

    Thank you for reading….

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