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Free Calendar That I Can Type On

    Free Calendar That I Can Type On

    Paper calendars need for the majority of individuals. Even the most fundamental digital calendars need to catch up with the increasing scheduling requirements of professionals.

    Presently, the most popular online calendars resemble personal assistants. You can schedule and modify events, synchronize your modifications across devices, and invite others to your circumstances. Many calendars also allow you to add attachments, links, and automated reminders for all participants.

    Which online calendar should you use? It depends on what your calendar needs to accomplish. Here are the seven best tools that are presently available.

    1. Google Calendar

    Google Calendar is among the most widely used online calendars. The only requirement is a Google account, which most people already have. You can use any web browser to find it or download an app for Android, iPhone, or iPad.

    You can add multiple color-coded calendars to Google Calendar and choose which ones to observe. Thus, you can effortlessly separate your work and personal schedules or view them simultaneously. You can also view your agenda by the hour, the month, the day, and more.

    Google Calendar can even auto-complete a number of your entries with its intelligent suggestion utility. Begin typing an event’s name, location, or invitee’s name, and Gcal will advise what it believes you mean. You also have the option to have Gmail add events automatically. Never again will you forget to add an event to your calendar!

    2. Outlook

    Outlook is a messaging and calendar application. You can sign up for the complimentary online version included with any Microsoft 365 subscription.

    Microsoft’s calendar functions similarly to Google’s in that multiple calendars can be created and color-coded. Additionally, you can add locations and set automatic reminders to keep track of your schedule on the go. Outlook is simple to transport anywhere.

    Additionally, because Outlook includes email, you can readily inform your contacts of upcoming events and availability. Plan meetings, invite contacts, collect RSVPs, and keep everyone informed using a single calendar.

    3. Calendly

    Calendly is not a calendar; we are calendar-related. However, we make your calendar work for you rather than against you. Please take a peek at it.

    Calendly simplifies scheduling by eliminating the back-and-forth communications typically required to arrange a meeting time. Input your availability, and Calendly will generate a link to your schedule.

    You may transmit this link to whoever you wish or embed it on a website. Anyone who accesses the link can see the time slots you’ve designated as available and choose the most convenient time for them. A confirmation email is sent to both participants and if you have a paid plan, you can also set up personalized reminders.

    Calendly’s comprehensive team functionality makes it ideal for professional use. The tool aggregates the availability of team members so that you can schedule group meetings or automatically designate one-on-one sessions for an available team member. Check out this webinar for more information on how organizations use Calendly.

    Calendly can be integrated with many of the tools your team already employs, from Slack to Zoom. When you integrate Calendly with Google, Outlook, or another supported calendar, your events add to that calendar.

    4. Cozi Family Organizer

    Cozi family organizer is the best option if you’re searching for an online calendar for the entire family. Start by establishing a family calendar. You can then add sub-calendars for each member of your family.

    You can assign events, or “appointments,” as Cozi calls them, to one or more family persons. With a paid plan, you can schedule Cozi to send reminders to the appropriate individuals automatically.

    In addition to a calendar, Cozi provides:

    • Shopping lists
    • To-do lists
    • Meal planning and recipes
    • A family journal

    5. Jorte

    Jorte is a Japanese company whose calendar was designed to be as adaptable and customizable as a paper calendar. You can customize every app interface aspect by choosing from various visual themes, including pop culture characters and sports teams.

    With Jorte, you have access to the tools necessary for planning your schedule and diary functions that allow you to use the app as a personal journal. You can also subscribe to public calendars, which include everything from video game releases to global news and weather.

    Jorte, like Cozi, integrates with popular online calendars such as Google, Apple, and Yahoo.

    6. Apple Calendar

    Apple calendar is simpler to use if you have Apple devices, but it makes a list because it’s simple to learn and customizable to a high degree. You could:

    • Create and code calendars with color
    • Add event location, travel duration, and additional information.
    • Easily invite individuals using your Contacts app.
    • Check the invitees’ schedules to select a time.
    • Make notifications
    • Customize your views of the day, week, month, and year.

    7. Zoho Calendar

    Designed to assist professionals in managing complex schedules, the Zoho calendar simplifies event planning. It includes features such as Smart Add, allowing you to enter a phrase and automatically create an event with pertinent information. If you need a reminder, you can have Zoho send you an email or make a calendar alert.

    Like Outlook and Google, Zoho allows you to create and administer multiple calendars from a single dashboard. You can share your calendars and events via invitations, regardless of whether the recipient has a Zoho account. You can even embed a customized version of your Zoho calendar on your website to reflect your brand.

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