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10 Outdated Things Boomers Always Keep in Their House and Still Use

    As generations change and technology advances, it’s fascinating to observe how different age groups adapt to new trends and innovations. Baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, have witnessed significant transformations in society and technology throughout their lives.

    However, many boomers continue to hold on to items from their past, demonstrating a sense of nostalgia and practicality. In this blog, we’ll explore ten outdated things that boomers often keep in their houses and still use, showcasing the enduring value of these items.

    1. Landline Phones

    One of the most iconic pieces of boomer nostalgia is the landline telephone. Even in the age of smartphones, many boomers still have a landline phone in their homes. They appreciate its reliability during power outages and the comfortable familiarity of using physical buttons.

    2. Record Players:

    Vinyl records and turntables hold a special place in the hearts of many boomers. They appreciate the analog warmth and rich sound quality that vinyl records offer, making it a timeless source of entertainment.

    3. Typewriters

    While computers have largely replaced typewriters, some boomers still treasure these vintage writing machines. They enjoy the tactile experience of typing on a typewriter and the satisfaction of the clacking keys.

    4. Encyclopedias

    Before the internet, encyclopedias were the primary source of knowledge in many households. Some boomers still keep these sets of books for reference or as a symbol of a bygone era.

    5. VHS Players and Tapes

    Boomers often have a collection of VHS tapes and a player tucked away in their homes. These old movies and home videos carry cherished memories and sentimentality.

    6. Family Photo Albums

    In this digital age, physical photo albums may seem outdated, but many boomers hold onto them. These albums provide a tangible connection to past generations and memorable moments.

    7. Rotary Phones

    Rotary phones, with their circular dial, remind boomers of simpler times. Some may have kept these as decorative items, while others still use them as functional landlines.

    8. Tube Televisions

    Despite the prevalence of flat-screen TVs, some boomers continue to use their trusty old tube televisions. They appreciate the durability and picture quality these older sets offer.

    9. Cassette Tapes

    Cassette tapes were the soundtracks of many boomers’ lives. Some still listen to their favorite music on cassette players, relishing the nostalgia that these analog tapes provide.

    10. Dial-Up Internet Modems

    Although broadband internet has become the norm, a few boomers may hold onto their old dial-up internet modems. For them, these relics evoke memories of the early days of the internet and the distinctive screeching sound of a modem connecting.


    While society rapidly evolves and technology advances, it’s heartwarming to see that many baby boomers retain and still use these outdated items. These possessions not only serve practical purposes but also carry a deep sense of nostalgia and connection to the past. They remind us that certain things, even if considered outdated, can maintain their value and significance throughout the years. In a world where change is constant, it’s a testament to the enduring power of sentimentality and the comfort of the familiar.

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